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Self-Lubricating Wear Plate

Self-Lube Wear Plates, Steel Wear Strips with Hoses, Bronze Wear Plates

    1. Self-Lubricating Wear Plate, FMWP/FMWPTThe FMWP and FMWPT self-lubricating wear plates are designed for automobile dies and moulds, featuring low coefficient of friction, high flexibility in mounting patterns and small tolerance.
    1. Self-Lubricating Wear Plate, FSESWDifferent from the previous model, this self-lubricating wear plate utilizes cast brass and graphite as raw materials, featuring powerful movement guidance and control and convenient self-lubrication.
    1. Self-Lubricating Wear Plate, FTWP/FTWPTBacked by advanced welding and casting technology, the self-lubricating wear plates provided by FENGJIU show a great guide and control over the automotive motion.

About Self-lubricating Wear Plate
Product material: Steel, copper, bronze, graphite
Use: Automobile dies & molds

The self-lubricating wear plates make use of high-strength brass, gray cast iron and alloy steel (Cr, W, Mn) as base and graphite as lubricating medium, appropriate for use in working environments that easily run out of lubricating oil or difficult to refuel. Widely-used models include FMWP, FMWTP, FSESW, FTWP, FTWPT, etc.

We carry out strict product inspection for quality assurance. That's why our self-lube wear plates show stable quality, reliable performance, easy installation, convenient maintenance and high cost efficiency.

If the standard wear plates fail to reach your manufacture standards, we can process and produce according to your sample or drawing.

Characteristics of Self-Lubricating Wear Plates
1. Various materials can be chosen based on your specific manufacture demands.
2. Custom service and OEM service are both provided.
3. The self-lubricating wear plates provide flexible design, simple structure and high convenience, able to deal with many working conditions.
4. Quick delivery cycle, 7-30 working days.
5. Due to the stable quality and high cost effectiveness, 90% of our self-lube wear plates for die components are exported and establish a good reputation overseas.

Four Packaging Options
1. Bare plates
2. Wrapped with plastic paper
3. Wrapped with good-quality foams
4. Placed in solid wood cases